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There is a story behind the name Mosaic Safaris and my distinct logo that relate to the special care we take in planning each trip. We are creating a Mosaic by bringing together many individual pieces into a distinctive object of beauty — in this case, your individually curated trip.

Safari is the Swahili word meaning “to go on a journey”, so this word encompasses much more than just observing animals in the wild — which is amazing in itself! For our logo, we specifically designed it to show a group of giraffe in motion, known as a “journey of giraffe”.

What we want to create for you is a journey that is tailored to your interests and brings together all the individual pieces of the travel plan into one seamless and unforgettable trip. At Mosaic Safaris, we create one-of-a-kind authentic experiences that just might change your life!

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  • Travel Curator, Founder of Mosaic Safaris
  • At the age of 15, Crisney ignited her passion for travel during an exchange program to Sweden. Subsequently, she spent her junior year studying in France and traveling through Europe. However, it was her first visit to Africa in 1988 that profoundly shaped her journey of exploration, forging a lasting and profound connection with the continent.
  • Today, Crisney can truly claim to be a global travel expert, having personally visited and arranged journeys for her clients to the most amazing places on six of the world’s continents — and she hopes to one day visit Antarctica, the seventh!

In 2011, following her extensive travels, Crisney returned to Austin, Texas and founded Mosaic Safaris — a boutique travel company leveraging her wealth of experiences and connections to provide personalized services for clients.

Seizing every opportunity to explore, Crisney immerses herself in travel, not only to deepen her understanding of the destinations she sells but also to strengthen connections with local partners and property owners. Her personal knowledge and expertise are seamlessly integrated into the planning process, guaranteeing you an experience enriched with luxury and flawless execution.

What distinguishes Crisney from other travel advisors is the distinctive personal touch she infuses into every journey she curates for her clients. Leveraging her wealth of personal travel experiences and a keen attention to detail, Crisney specializes in crafting seamless journeys, transforming travel to even the most remote destinations into a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

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